Dole Whip

So my DW and I went to our local amusement park on Saturday, and look what they were selling…

There was no line. We just walked right up, got two Dole Whips, and were on our way.


I love finding Dole Whip in the wild! There’s an ice cream stand about 20 minutes from my home that occasionally has it. It’s so nice to get a fix when you’re not at the parks.


… but was it the same? :wink:

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It tasted the same from what I remember, but, of course, the experience altogether wasn’t the same. Our local park doesn’t hold a candle to WDW or DLR. So I had to content myself with eating the Dole Whip while wearing my property-of-Walt cap and dreaming of being at Disney.

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Six Flags has a Dole pineapple soft serve, but it’s not called Dole Whip, at least in Arlington, TX. It was awful. It had a chemical aftertaste and dyed our tongues yellow. There was no comparison for me.

Where is this “local” park?

It’s a park called Lagoon in Farmington, Utah, about 30 minutes north of Salt Lake.

As I write this, Disney has a legal team being flown in black helicopters to Farmington, Utah to “investigate”…


Dutch wonderland in Lancaster PA has a dole whip stand. It’s an actual Dole brand. :smile:

you got it spooky - they served them in hollowed out pineapples with whipped cream over the 4th - I didn’t get there unfortunately this time around