Dole Whip, off world

I’m told Dole Whip is, or will be soon, available at some Golden Corrals.

Do you have Menchie’s? Menchie’s has it too. I haven’t tried it though. It just seems wrong to not be at Disneyland (or WDW) while eating Dole Whip.

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It used to be at my local ice cream soft-serve place when I was a kid. I didn’t know it was a Disney thing then (or maybe it wasn’t yet) but I always liked it.

Golden Corral is a buffet right?

In a pandemic.

I’ll pass.


Taco Bell currently has a drink called Pineapple Whip Freeze that tastes like one. They’re only $1 between 2p - 5p

I had one. Pretty good, not amazing - but for $1 - I definitely enjoyed it

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Dole has a whole line of dole whips. Our local ice cream shop has them and has pineapple and rotates the 2nd flavor… Strawberry, raspberry, orange, and the newest, and maybe my favorite with pineapple… Watermelon.

It doesn’t compare with Dole Whip for me, but they are really good!


They have other flavors of Dole Whip at DLR too. In the Tropical Hideaway QS. Yum!

Agreed… I liked it but it isn’t ice cream so it didn’t have the same feel. I was pleasantly surprised by the happy hour special, though I would have still been happy with it at full price.

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