Dole Whip imposter?

My DH and I visited Toledo Zoo yesterday. We came across what they called, “the one and only Dole Whip!”
Naturally, we had to try it. We ordered mango flavor. It was very refreshing and delicious. Now, isn’t Dole Whip kind of a Disney exclusive? This stuff couldn’t have been the real thing…
We’ve never had Disney Dole Whip, and plan to finally try it this January… but I’m very curious if the Toledo one was a copy cat or the real deal.
We didn’t take a picture of ours, but this is a photo I found online of exactly what we had.

Dole owns the rights to it, even though they created it for Disney originally. You can buy it elsewhere, and, in fact, even make it yourself at home.

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Have you tried this recipe? Is it good?

I’m allergic to bananas. :confused:

We found a self serve dole whip machine at Nandos in DC. It tasted the same as Disney.

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You can also get a Dole Whip and the freshest possible pineapple juice at the Dole Plantation on Oahu.


Menchie’s frozen yogurt has it sometimes too. We’ve gotten pineapple and non-pineapple flavors there.


We have a Great American Cookie Co in our mall - they sell Dole Whip as well - thinking its a company thing, not a disney thing


It just tastes better at WDW!


I will say that it tasted the best on the Dole Plantation in Hawaii. That’s where I first had it, then was delighted to find it again at MK.

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We have a new ice cream shop in town that carries it. Has pineapple and strawberry usually, but has some other flavors from time to time too.

Love it… Think of Disney each time I get it.

Good point, didn’t think of that since I haven’t been to Hawaii.

Well, it sounds like we had the real deal then! Now i’m super excited to try it at Disney! Would be nice to try the signature pineapple flavor.

Wait, does Disney Dole Whip have bananas in it?

I’m at the Indiana state fair today and they have a stand that sells “Pineapple Whip”. I bet it’s similar.

No one really knows what is in the “official” Dole Whips. Seeing as how it’s distributed as a powder and mixed and frozen on site, I doubt that there will ever be a completely accurate “home” recipe - but I have to assume that the “official” Dole recipe probably makes a close imitation. I have another recipe that has no banana, is a liquid, and is frozen in an ice cream freezer (no, I haven’t tried it yet)

No, it doesn’t. But the version Dole posts online as a home recipe does so I can’t try it.

The Disney version comes as a powder, as I understand it. They add water and put it in a freeze machine. Mostly chemicals, actually. :slight_smile:

Probably a bunch of dihydrogen monoxide. Nasty stuff!

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Here is the version that I found

A lot more chemicals involved in this one… :slight_smile:

I don’t know what kind of ice cream freezer they have, but my Kitchen Aide one freezes a batch of ice cream in about 20 minutes…

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