Doing Disney Solo September 7-11

What was originally planned as a romantic week away is well…now going to be a solo trip.
Having never gone solo, what should I (M36) look forward to. Anyone on the forums ever meet up with total strangers from here to enjoy the park? I know I’ll be able to get through a couple single rider lines (hooray?), but not sure beyond that.
Any input at all will be appreciated

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You should look forward to doing ANYTHING you want! You’re on your schedule. The only person you have to cater to is you! Want to RD and stay until the Kiss Goodnight - go for it! Want to sleep in - that’s cool too! Hate a certain E-Ticket ride - now you don’t have to do it. Going solo is so nice. People do it all the time. No one will notice / judge.

If you are an outgoing person, you’ll meet ppl in queues or at dining / bars. Try Biergarten - they seat everyone together. Drink at Trader Sam’s! You’ll have a great time!


Lots of liners meet up to say hello, maybe get a drink or do a ride together. I’m sure you can arrange a few meets.


Search out Solo Trip Report and you’ll be able to get a great idea of what you’re in for.

Short version: total freedom and you’ll get to do more than you’d ever think possible.

And if the circumstances are how I interpreted this…it’ll be great to get your mind off of it.

Solo trips rule. They are the best. You have total control. You answer to no-one. You’re a kid in a candy shop.

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Yeah listen to @mousematt he waa such a kid in a candy shop his last trip he got a tooth pulled :O. Well he got it pulled to enjoy all the dining he has planned.

Seriously solo touring is awrsome. I have met liners at wdw. Make a post in here chat and maybe someone in the parks will be willing to meet. And Disney parks are a great do it and feel safe

Was there a ride or show you always wanted to do but the rest of your party does not want to. Go for it.

Want to.splurge on a dessert party or other tour event you only have to pay for ONE

It is great.

Thanks everybody. I’m looking forward to the trip. I had my first solo vacation in Atlanta last year and had a blast, so I’m sure I can work that out with the mouse.
Beirgarten has been reserved for a lunch after I finish swimming with the fishes on the aqua tour. I’m definitely going to be the guy going RD to Kiss Goodnight every night. I’m finally getting to do the Spirit of Aloha dinner show this time around after it being on my wish list since my first trip when I was 6 :smile:
There will definitely be a post trip report after I get home.