Doing a happy dance - I know you'll understand!

Going to Orlando for a conference at off site resort - $229/night before resort fee, taxes and everything else. I’ve been checking daily for value resort ressie, but there have been none available.

Tonight, I booked All Star Movies - not my first choice, but better than were the meeting is! And avg $122/nite and free transportation on DME (of course I’ll have to Uber to the meeting every day, but will still save money.) Shared van to meeting hotel was $55.

Unfortunately, I’m 35 days out, so I didn’t get 60 day advantage on FP+, but only in the park one day (EPCOT) and I’m solo, so I’ll just enjoy food and wine and soak up some Disney Magic!

It shouldn’t make a 50 year old this happy to change a hotel ressie, but it does!


You bet your FP we understand your happiness! Have a great time and stay away from the Escargots!!


Congrats and enjoy!

Happy happy dance!!

I totally understand! And I’ve wanted to stay at All Star Movies for awhile now. Enjoy!

Congrats! I understand the happy dance! Try to make a FP+ or two anyways, you never know something may show up…especially now, nearing the 30 day mark. This is when people typically cancel reservations since they have to pay the full price if they don’t cancel by 30 days from the check in date when they book packages. If you cancel the trip, your FP+ goes away too.