Dog Boarding Recommendations Needed!

We are heading to WDW next week and our dog sitting arrangements just fell through. Need recommendations for dog boarding facilities near WDW. Best Friends and VIPet Resort are booked solid. Everywhere else I’ve found in the area seems to have mixed reviews at best. Thanks!

I was going to mention Best Friends
Oh man.
Is there any boarding near your home that you would consider?

Have you checked with your vet? Sometimes they offer boarding services or can recommend a trustworthy one. I have cats, not dogs, but my vet boards my one cat bc he needs epilepsy meds 2x a day.

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You could try . My friend found a sitter/boarder through it and lucked into a really wonderful lady… who sadly passed away from COVID last year. I used Rover to book a sitter for my trip in 3 weeks, but I can’t really recommend him yet because I haven’t actually left my dog with him yet.

Trying to find good pet care for my upcoming trip is a HUGE source of stress and anxiety for me. I totally sympathize with your situation.

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Seconding vet as boarding option.

Our vet charges are about $20/pet/night which is actually cheaper than some kennels in our area plus I know the vet folks will take good care. Extra plus, our pets are always ecstatic when they see where they are. (And they’re all spayed or neutered - guess they’ve not seen all the memes)

Seconding Rover. We found a really nice man in our neighborhood who watches our dog when we travel. He loves it there. Even though he had not been to our Rover’s house in 18 months, our dog SPRINTED to the door when he realized where he was!


I hope you find something soon! That would make me nervous not having anything lined up. Wish I had some suggestions, luckily for our trip my mother came over and stayed at our house to watch the dogs, ours are older, don’t feel too comfy leaving them at a boarding place.

I also recommend checking with your vet. Our dog goes to Camp Grandpa, but our cat now requires transdermal thyroid meds and I don’t feel comfortable asking my former cat sitter, a minor, to administer it. Called the vet and they boarded him for just $5 a day more than I was paying my neighbor. And I had peace of mind that he was being well cared for. Good luck!


Not to hijack, but how does this work for you? (The transdermal meds.) My cat takes anti seizure meds, but pilling him 2 times a day is getting really traumatic for him. Our vet mentioned transdermal as an option, but it’s not cheap. Was wondering how difficult it is to administer.

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I was starting to write a book! I have to wear gloves, clean the inside of his ear with a wet cotton ball, dispense the cream onto gloved finger, rub on inside of ear flap, dispose of gloves, wash hands thoroughly. He isn’t a huge fan of the ear rubs, but it is MUCH better than trying to pill a resistant 18 year old cat. Feel free to PM if I can provide additional info. :cat:


They know where they’re cared for.

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Transdermal meds work great for both our cats - eliminated the stress of administering oral meds. This may vary on the formulation, but we do not have clean the ear and the dispenser has an applicator tip so we don’t need to rub it in with a gloved finger like @robinlg1

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We’ve also had a good experience with, FWIW.

Our elderly cat had to take thyroid meds the last 9ish months of her life. We used the transdermal method and it worked great. We did wear gloves to protect our hands just in case but the applicator dispensed right onto her ear and she didn’t mind a bit. It was a twist up pen thingy with a spongy tip.