Does Universal no longer ship park tickets in the mail?

I’m pretty sure that the last time I was there, which was only 2 years ago, we had our park tickets and express passes mailed to us. I think it was an extra fee, but it was worth it to us not to have to wait in line at Will Call.

Does Universal no longer ship tickets? I was just looking at prices and didn’t notice the option.
If not, how early should we arrive to pick up our tickets before park opens? We won’t be staying onsite, so won’t have early access to the park.

Getting your tickets is pretty easy and quick - just don’t go to “Will Call / Guest Services”.

There are about 10+ kiosks were you will self-serve print your tickets. If you get there for before park opening or Early Entry you can, most likely, just walk-up to a kiosk with no wait.

You should have gotten “Travel Documents” from Universal sent to you via e-mail. They’ll ask for a confirmation number from that and a bar code to scan.

Thanks Darkmite. I haven’t ordered the tickets yet, but was just trying to plan ahead. I’m gonna buy close to the trip. Thank you for the info!

We bought our tickets through Undercover Tourist, and used the e-Ticket option for Universal. I just printed them out and walked straight to the gate. It was no issue, although I suppose slightly cumbersome to have several printed pages. I think we could have used the barcodes on my phone as well, but didn’t bother.

For our May 2020 trip, I ordered normal paper tickets which we have already received. for both Universal and Disney, rather than e-Tickets. Nicer in that they fit in my wallet much better. :slight_smile:


It looks like ticket options vary based on the date, so we’ll see what happens :slight_smile:

We did that as well, but went to guest services inside the park, and they printed out regular tickets for us right there so we wouldn’t have to use the folded paper each time we wanted to switch parks. Plus, there was no line in there.

They replaced shipping with print at home. Cheaper for them, and tends to be easier for guests because they can have extra copies of the tickets as backup.

I would definitely get the ticket printed out once you get there as others recommend. Much easier than the big piece of paper.