Does transportation between parks run all day or just in the afternoon?

DH and DD15 are planning on a morning in HS and then going to MK by 1pm. Will they be able to take the bus or will they need to get a Lyft/Uber?

Pretty sure it runs all day.

But if not, they could just get the bus to the Contemporary and walk over. Less than 10 minutes.

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It runs all day. We hopped every day and did it via bus system (except from EPcot to HS, we took the boat).


Between parks is not a problem. May be a wait, but not a problem. It is the Disney Springs buses - which only run parks to Springs and not back - that don’t start until like 4 I believe.


I didn’t know that. Do buses not run between the resorts and DS? I honestly haven’t been to DS since we stayed offsite last year, so we didn’t need to rely on the bus.

Buses run from the resorts to DS and vice versa.

But they don’t run buses from DS to the parks until 4pm.

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Gotcha. Thanks!

They don’t run buses from DS to the parks at all. But they do run buses from parks to DS after 4.


The resorts and DS yes.

They do not run DS to the parks because people were abusing the free parking at DS to avoid paying for parking at the parks. Now, I am sure some people might still do it and just go to whatever resort bus pulls up first, but not as many as were.