Does TP wait times include Rider Switch?

I included Rider Switch on FOP for my AK TP and it says includes rider switch on my TP, but my question is- if it says the wait time is 20 minutes…does that mean 10 for the first group and 10 for the second group? Then, the ride time says 32 minutes. Is that 16 minutes for each group? We have a lunch reservation and I want to be sure we’re going to make it.


There is an option to include rider switch in your touring plan. You have to select it.

Yes. It should include everything both times. FoP does take a long time to ride becuase of the walk, the line, the preshows, and the ride length itself.

So, since I included the Rider Switch, you think the 32 minute ride time is TOTAL for BOTH parties? Does 15 minutes sound about right to watch the preshow and ride the ride?

No it sounds pretty short. It can take 30 mins to get through the FP line. It could be right but I’d be inclined to stick a 15 min break straight after it just in case.

Oh wait, just for the ride it does, not if it includes the wait.

I was thinking that with rider switch you get 2 lines on the tp one for the first group and one for the second, but maybe I’m remembering wrong.

The last time we used it was 2000 :woman_shrugging:

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Curious about SDD and 7dmt. Tp had 19 wait and 11 ride for SDD and for SDMT wait 8 and ride 11. Sound accurate?

SDD is afternoon and SDMT is around 10:30 if that makes a difference.

So, I went into my touring plan and removed rider switch to see if it changed (duh, why didn’t I think of this before?) and it did change. So, when you choose rider switch, the time alotted does factor in the rider switch.

Interesting to note, however, my wait time stayed the same, but the duration got a lot longer.

With rider switch off:
Wait time: 19 minutes
Ride time: 6 minutes

With rider switch on:
Wait time: 19 minutes
Ride time: 32 minutes

So I guess don’t actually pay attention to the individual times, but the overall increased time.

Yes, ride time only. Thanks! Interesting how when I removed rider switch, it said the ride time is 6 minutes. Maybe the wait time includes the pre-show??

Yes the preshow should be included in the wait.

I’ve never used it. And that’s with six kids.

Whaaaat! I keep thinking I should be using it more.

My 7 year old and I got Fast Passes to FOP which allowed my husband and 4 year old to get FP’s to Navi. We’ll do rider switch on FOP so I’ll ride it with my 7 year old (while my husband and 4 yr old ride Navi) then we’ll meet up and my husband will ride FOP with my 7 year old again. Saved Fast Passes and my older kiddo gets to ride it twice!

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These days with 8 of us it’s be way too complicated. When the big kids were little it wasn’t necessary.

And - when the first few were little we didn’t bother with rides we couldn’t all go on… boring, I know.

I think I’d need a spreadsheet to keep track if I had 8 of us doing rider switch and fast passes. :upside_down_face:


My DH is a big chicken, we used it on TOT and Hulk in 2000 when our oldest was 5 and anything else he wouldn’t ride, DH wouldn’t either. We didn’t visit again till 2012 when our youngest was 7 and tall enough for everything at Disney. He was just too short for Hulk and Dragon Challenge at Universal and DH wouldn’t ride them if you paid him so we didn’t need it.

If we both wanted to ride and we had small kids, we would definitely use it.

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Same! :rofl: I have a single fast pass for myself for RnR and will single rider line EE. He gets to have Mickey Bars with the boys while I ride the “scary” ones.


Yeah. DH and I don’t actually care about too many rides. Sometimes we’re BOTH like “You go on; I’ll wait.”
“No. It’s ok. You go.”
“No. Really. I’m good.”