Does TP know the opening hours before the Disney site?

This site shows the Opening Hours & Magic Hours for the entire of September 2017.

The main Disney site only shows dates 190 days into the future, which currently doesn’t include September.

Should I wait until the Disney site shows the details or can I presume that the Touring Plan dates/times are correct?
Note that in October, Touring Plans states “Park hours are estimates!” but doesn’t state this for September.

I don’t know about TouringPlans specifically, but I do know that travel agents get preliminary hour information in advance…and I assume that TouringPlans probably has access it as well.

TP use the hours from the TA Calendar, which displays the hours for an entire month rather than just to 180+10. The Sept TA Calendar is at

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Thanks for the link. Although now I’m seeing that the TP calendar has differences to the one you linked.

Specifically Animal Kingdom Wednesday Sep. 13, 2017

TP is saying open 9am - 9pm (
Your linked calendar shows 9am - 7pm

I guess the PDF is going to be more accurate?

Nothing will be accurate for September until at least July if not August.

The PDF is going to be more accurate, as it comes from Disney. It is updated on a fairly regular basis, so sometimes TP can lag behind changes in it.