Does Touringplans take the first day of Halloween season into account?

Hi there! My friends and I have a trip that we planned a few months ago finally within reach! We’ll be in the parks on September 7th and 8th. We found out about a month ago that the 7th is the first day of Halloween season, so that’s kind of a cool bonus, as I’ve never been during Halloween. TP lists it as a “2” day, (just came down from a “3”), which seems really low to me. Do they take the first day of Halloween into account when scheduling?? Thank you in advance!

This year “Halloween season” started August 17.

I have found that they notate if they do not take crowds for festivals or events to consideration. Like next Saturday they have Epcot at a 2 but notate that they are not taking F&W crowds into consideration. And we all know that in terms of getting anywhere on a F&W weekend it is close to NYE level.

Thank you for the response. So if I’m getting this correctly, they’re not taking crowd levels into account but instead they are just predicting ride busy-ness? Because rides are probably going to be our first priority, not souvenirs or Halloween specific food.

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Never mind… I just realized this was DisneyLAND.

I really wish this forum was organized better so you had to purposely go into that area.

The crowd levels are only for the ride times between 10 am and 5pm. Expect huge crowds in the late afternoon and evening as the locals pour in, this is very common most Friday nights (many, many locals have passes in Cali). With the beginning of Halloween time that day, Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain reopen with their overlays and the lines for these will probably be insane. Purchase Maxpass if you haven’t already, it will be well worth it! Good luck!

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Thank you! MaxPass is definitely the plan! We’ll be there at rope drop to get the extra good stuff out of the way first and then hopefully we can wander a bit after that and enjoy other stuff at our leisure. We handled a trip two years ago during summer on 7, 8, 9 days. It was crowded and busy, but we still had a great time. Even if it’s that busy, I’m hoping it’ll still be a good trip.


Going in with that attitude is key! Based on that, you will no doubt have a fantastic time! Another note that many of us observed, when crowds are moderately high, the parks tend to run better (rides and food venues are fully staffed, more entertainment open, etc). Have a great trip!

So from a crowd level perspective (meaning all the wait times for the major attractions that they use to factor into the number that spits out a Crowd Level), the start of Halloween has very little influence as the majority of the crowds there will be there for 2 of the rides (Haunted Mansion Holiday & Space Mtn: Ghost Galaxy) and more there for atmosphere, treats , character meets all of which aren’t tracked in the official crowd number.

That being said, you have a very good attitude & will have a great trip no matter what! My own personal opinion is that the wait times for everything else besides the 2 Halloween attractions & specific treats & character meets will be at that 2 CL you’re seeing predicted but the walkways will not at all feel like it especially in the evening as those who are able to head to DL after work will make their way there for the first day of Halloween.