Does touring plan take into consideration hotel room rates and conventions at the Anaheim conv center?

Hi I am looking at 12/11-12/14 or 12/15-12/18 or 12/18-12/21 and the calendar says 12/11-14 is best but there are 3 different events happening at the Anaheim convention center and the rooms rates are much higher than they latter dates I am looking at… does to take in account those things? Thanks in advance!

I don’t know to be honest but my guess is that the conventions don’t have a significant effect on crowds as much as all the other factors they consider. For one thing, anyone there for a convention will likely be … at the convention. Also, the number of people at a convention is relatively small compared to the number who would come for spring break or a holiday, for example.

That said, it can definitely affect hotel occupancy and therefore rates.


I would like to expand on what @Jeff_AZ has stated… My experience with conventions at DLR is that there is no effect during the day, however around 5ish you can see a nominal influx of people coming into the parks. The only place where I “felt” it was at security. I am guessing many of these people were not actually going into the parks, but rather DTD for dinner.

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Found this Q&A on TP website. This is WDW but answer is likely the same for DLR.

We have hundreds of direct and indirect factors that construct our crowd models, so the general answer to this question is, “Yes.”

Some of the factors have greater influence than others, and each attraction is different. For example, attractions like Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids have wait times that are heavily influenced by weather, and wait times at rides like Space Mountain and Rock 'n Roller Coaster are noticeably impacted by whether schools are in session.

We had a bad experience with a convention in 2018 but hopefully that was the exception. The day we went to DCA the group (it was Scentsy) had their own early entry to DCA an hour before regular park open so of course they were all there and we saw them literally everywhere allllll day and it ended up being CL10. We still did everything we wanted with MP, though.

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