Does this TP estimate seem accurate?

This is the TP I have optimized for our non-Harry Potter day. With UE, it says we should be able to do all of this in under 3 hours (CL 4 or so)…does that seem right?

I tried to look but it is not showing. I think you may have to go to “edit plan” and then set it to public?

Sorry, thanks, try this!

posted below, thanks!

It does not seem right. I hope someone else will jump in but I don’t think all those ride will be open between 8-9?

Yeah, park hours are 8 am that week b/c of HHN. Early entry for F&F and Gringotts is 7 am!

But the wait times seem low even w UE…

Unlimited express?

Have you read reports that Fast and Furious would be open at that time?

Yep! F&f is one of the early entry rides that day.

Unlimited express? I believe your “UE” is express pass. If it is I think you may be able to do all that since it is so early.

I have been doing touring plans for that day and the day before with UE and it has us one by 12 or 1 pm every day including lunch! I hope it’s right but cannot imagine that it will be that easy…that includes almost every ride/attraction too!

Right?? Well i hope you have a great time!

While I think you can definitely get a lot done in that first hour, those wait times still seem a bit low. I don’t think they will be a whole lot longer, but 1 minute, while possible, is somewhat unlikely for things like Minions. I would say, though, if you are there a little before 8, you will be in great shape!

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It does seem a little off, but not a lot off, to me. The walk times seem very short to me, honestly. I suppose if you rush, rush, rush. But if you want a more leisurely walk between places, plus accounting for a restroom break or something, you might modify that.

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Have you ridden F&F?

You may have read this already, but I’m a fan. The reviews suggested it would be awful. Which I guess helped as I had zero — no — negative expectations. But I thought it was really fun. So much so I rode it twice.

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@profmatt, your thoughts on F&F a couple of weeks ago were really helpful and we’re definitely going to try it! It happens to be one of the early entry rides while we are there. I’ll let you know what i think. :slight_smile:

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I’ll adjust my walking speed as well.