Does this look like a good priority

I’m trying to get myself organized now for a June trip since the next few weeks will be busy for me. We’ll be staying onsite. I know Space 22 is top priority, the rest… seem like an even split. How does this look for booking order? The yellow highlighted ones are not must dos for us, so they are dropped to the bottom. Thanks


My only question is whether you could swap your Biergarten day and your Space220 day to give yourself the best chance possible for Space 220.


The chart is in priority of booking. Biergarten (June 20) is 5 days before Space 220 (June 25). Keep Space 220 as your highest priority and later in the trip.


Oh :woman_facepalming:t2:

It’s a little small and I can’t expand it so I missed that.

Carry on.


It’s showing up the same size on my mobile, is it tiny on website?

Our Biergarten day is a rest/waterpark day. We have Epcot as a backup in case of rain, so not 100% going to the park.

It’s very tiny on my screen (desktop)

It’s tiny on my PC laptop, too. But it was much bigger when I right-clicked on the image and did “Open Image in New Tab.”


I see you’re targeting prime mealtimes of noon and 5. I hope you’re willing to accept a much wider range of actual times, and those are just convenient numbers for a starting point.


Yes we’ll be willing to go sooner or later. Just trying to stay close to our normal eating times. If it’s far from that I’ll be bringing more snacks than planned.

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FYI, for our upcoming trip the Fantasmic dining packages didn’t open at the same time as regular ADRs. Not sure why, but I just set a reservation finder request and booked when I got the email.


They rarely do.

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Good to know, I’ll still book Mama Melrose and keep checking back for the package. The package itself isn’t a must do, but would make things easier for me since they don’t offer DAS.

So the FDP dont open at the 60 days out- do you remember when the package came out? I will also try to set the dining reminder and hoping I get notified in time. Thanks