Does this Easter week strategy make sense?

I’m going to Universal and IOA April 14th thorough the 17th. I’m planning on staying at an offsite property on Saturday and Sunday and then at the Royal Pacific from Monday to Wednesday. So I would have the Sunday without any express passes and then expresses passes the Monday through Wednesday. Does that plan make sense? Thanks.


It does. You have a day to get your bearings and maybe do some spells in WWofHP.

Good plan! A good way to save a little money but still be able to enjoy Express Pass for most of your trip. Enjoy!

Thanks. That was the idea. I figured not having the EP on the Sunday would be the best thing. My son was also open to using single rider line that day so that makes it even easier to go that route.

Plan sounds good, that first day can be all about the shows and soaking up the ambiance.

Thanks for that comment, Tate. I was actually thinking the same thing about seeing shows and not rushing to do those as well as hitting all the rides.