Does the stated Participating Guest for Droid Depot really matter?

So as soon as the reservations became available, i made one for and one for my dad (different time slots).

My reservation turned out to be to close to my dining reservation, so i cancelt it. Since my dad isnt interested in spending 99$ on a droid, i wanted to use his instead (wich i made from my account with my credit card).

He is now listed under MDE as Participating Guest. I can’t modify the reservation to my person. Will this be an issue?

I ask because in the conformation is stated: Be prepared to present reservation confirmation, photo ID, and the credit card provided at the time of booking the reservation. Reservations are non-transferrable

If he isn’t interested in attending with you I would call Disney and ask if they can modify the participant name. If he will be there too it shouldn’t be a problem.

i just called guest service, and they basically said it doesnt matter who’s name is on the reservation. Just be there 15min prior to the reservation and check in.

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When I did the Light Saber build during the AP preview, they did not check IDs or match to the reservation. All they cared was that the credit card payment went through.

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