Does the ADR rule Apply to your FFP?

As I understand it, Your can Make your ADRs at 180 days +10? so I can make reservations for my whole trip on one day. Does this work for FFP? Can I make FP for my whole trip 60 days out from my arrival day?

Yes, as long as you are staying onsite and have park tickets for as many days as you wish to book FPP.

ok, so my trip is 6 days long but I’m going with only 5 day tickets. We have a rest day in the middle with no park, but doing MNNSHP that evening. Would that mean I could book my FFP only five days out and have to wait to book FFP for that last day?

You can book FPs for any 5 days of your trip. They do not need to be consecutive.

Ah! Great, thanks so much!