Does sharing a memory maker work?

Seems like a challenge but I know that people do it. Can someone explain?
I’m specifically wondering about sharing with strangers (not families you’re actually traveling with).


We shared in May with strangers (6-7 families total), and it worked great. What details would you like to know?


I guess I’m just concerned about linking my MDE account to that many people. When we become friends, would our itineraries, Fastpasses and such all be displayed in a way that is confusing?

In another thread, someone suggested creating a separate dummy account for the MDE but that doesn’t make sense to me because it seems unlikely that we’d be able to have our magic bands linked and active in two separate accounts?

Am I just confused?

The dummy account doesn’t have magic bands. It’s created just for the Memory Maker. You would link your “real” account to it (the account that DOES have magic bands, dining reservations, FPP selections, etc.), just as all the other families would. And one of the critical steps once you’ve linked that must be taken is to customize the settings so that the other families can’t view and alter your itinerary.


Thanks! This helps so much!!!
I appreciate the info.