Does Napa Rose take Disney gift cards?

Like the topic says, am I able to use Disney gift cards to pay for dinner at the Napa Rose (like I am other restaurants lie Blue Bayou)? Just trying to pre-budget dinners in the form of DLR GCs. I did a search, but couldn’t find anything addressing this specifically. Thanks for all your help!

I don’t know the answer to this specifically, but Disney usually allows you to use a GC anywhere that is owned by Disney where you can use payment options in addition to cash. So, the only places where you can’t use the GC’s are the stands where you have to pay cash, which is usually the smaller food carts.

The official gift card web site says you can use the GC’s at any Disney hotel or restaurant at Disneyland.

Another option, if you are staying at a Disney resort, is to charge the meal to your room and use the GC to pay the balance at the resort’s front desk. The trick with that is to go to the front desk before they charge it to your credit card on file, which I believe they do every $500 or so. You may also be able to redeem the GC’s at the front desk so their value is deposited into your account. I haven’t tried this with GC’s but I have done that with the points I earned with my Disney Rewards Visa card. The trick on this is to go down to the front desk when it isn’t crowded; I usually do that at night before going back to the room to sleep.

Hope this helps, and have fun at Napa Rose!

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Yes, I’ve used them there before.

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Thank you both!