Does meet Tinker Bell need a FP?

I really want my daughter to meet Tinker Bell but am unsure if I need to sacrifice an advance FP. We’re going during Thanksgiving week with our MK time spread over 2 days, one morning and one evening, so we’ll have 6 FP (on the evening day we spend the morning checking out of our Universal hotel). When I check the availability of FP these seem to run out early but I thought maybe b/c of limited hours? It is a big priority…I just don’t want to be stupid and use a FP where none was needed.

I have always been able to find a same day FP for Tink after I have used my first three. I wouldn’t burn an advance FP on her, unless you want to save yourself the walk back up to the front of the park and see her when you first arrive.

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We RD her. Got there around 8:40 and we’re second in line.

Unfortunately while I’m willing to rope drop few in my group are, so we never have.

Oddly, she doesn’t need it. I’ve walked right in multiple times - no FPP needed. At most I’ve waited 10 - 15 minutes. Getting a same day FPP is pretty easy too.

Make your TP and see when the best time to walk in. For example, here is today’s projected times wait for Tink:

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Slightly off topic but Tinkerbell was our most disappointing M&G. My daughter was really looking forward to meeting her but asked thought she’d be small. I told her we shrink down - I thought a CM actually did sprinkle pixie dust so that we shrink to her size but that didn’t happen.

Also, the photos are fine with a robot camarera not a photographer.

They have recreated “Pixie Hollow” in that photo spot. There are over sized items and flowers that are supposed to make you feel like you have shrunk down. While I’ve never seen anyone sprinkle pixie dust on guests as they enter, I’m sure you can ask the CM to do it. It may just a pantomime or you can DIY and say you had some in your pocket.

This M&G, with auto cameras, is the precursor to how all photos are going to work at all the Disney parks in the upcoming years. I’m not a fan. The pics are just OK and I hate people losing jobs to automation.

IMHO - This is always my favorite M&G. I’ve never had a bad Tink interaction. (But maybe I’ve gotten lucky)

She was good. The size just disappointed my daughter who very much thinks these characters are real. Just a heads up.

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