Does Lion King Ever Get Full

Does the Festival of the Lion King ever get too full to get a seat? Will you know before you get in line that you won’t get in? Don’t want to waste a fastpass, but also don’t want to stand there for 45 minutes.

I have heard that it does but it’s not super common. We have walked up in the last 5-10 minutes before showtime on a 7-8 day and gotten in. Granted by then you are likely way up in back but no seats are bad. Then again, if you’re in last you sometimes get placed closer to the front as they try to fill in.

We have NEVER waited 45 minutes. Rarely even 15. Mostly walk up and into the theater, or nearly so.

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I agree with OBNurseNH. We’ve walked in as they were closing the doors and were still able to get seats. We have never waited more than 5 minutes in that line and have never used a fastpass. We’re usually towards the back but there really are no bad seats.

They will pull young children into the show from the front couple of rows so you might want to show up early if you have little ones that would like to be included.

Yes. It does. I’ve been there on very low CL days where the seats were full and they weren’t letting people in until the next show.

ETA: We have never waited 45 minutes, though. We typically arrive 15 minutes before and get in.

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During Christmas week 2016, we joined the line probably 5-10 min before they started moving into the theater. We barely got a seat. It was really full. We actually didn’t get to sit together (6 people).