Does Extra MM make park crowded?

We usually avoid the parks that have EMH bc we read they can be extra busy that day. Does Extra Morning magic do the same thing? If we show up at 9 will the lines already to be super long?

To be clear.

Extra Magic Hours (EMH) are the free extra hour open to all resort guests. They do indeed make the park very busy by normal park opening.

EMM is the paid for event, where numbers are limited to around 200. It makes absolutely no difference to the business of the park.

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Yes thank you, I said EMM and I meant EMH. Thank you for The info, I didn’t think so.

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I believe the general rule of thumb now is if you can take advantage of the extra hours, use them. If you can’t then it is wiser to avoid them if possible and go to another park that day.

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Ak has EMH most of the summer every day this might not hold to avoiding like other parks.

True - I think starting 6/30 HS is getting the EMH every morning treatment too. It will be interesting if BOTH HS and AK are continuously getting EMH after Toy Story Land opens or it just becomes HS with the newest land that gets them…

And I wonder how long that daily EMH will last - through November?

I think it is going to depend heavily on how Toy Story Land goes over. If it is still drawing huge crowds like Pandora did months later, then sure. If the crowds are a blip for the new thing and gone, it will likely revert back to the normal schedule. I’d expect DIS to cater to the demands of the masses here and if TSL is hugely popular, it will continue to get the EMH love.

Pay attention to those early reviews and how the crowds go into August and that should be the best tell…

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