Does everyone need MDE?

There will be four of us in December: three newbies and me. I’ve set them up with MDE accounts and linked their magic bands.

They’re happy for me to run the show, so do they really need the MDE app on their phones? Can’t I just do everything?


You are correct. If you are placing mobile orders, etc., No need for them to bother. If there is ever a time you are separated, and one of them wants to order food or something, then the might want it.

In our family trips, typically I have been the only one with the MDE account.


Good to know. Thanks.

Obviously I should have mentioned that I am MDE friends with them all.

I have traveled with a combo of people that have their own MDE accounts, and those that do not.

My grown niece has traveled to the world with me twice in the last few years and I am able to control everything for her the same way as I control my sister’s plans, even though my sister has MDE.

Since they have MDE accounts make sure you are all connected through friends and family and that you are sharing plans. They should show up in your MDE account under friends and family.

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Definitely not necessary. I’m the only one in my family with MDE and it works just fine for us.

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The only problem with not everyone having their own MDE is when you mobile order, you’ll have to pay for everything. You might be ok with paying for it all and then them reimbursing you though.


The same thing if you buy any ILL rides.