Does everyone in party need Disney MagicMobile Pass?

2 adults 3 kids (16,15,12).
If we don’t have magicbands and want to use the disney magicmobile pass instead, does everyone in the party need to have a phone with disney magicmobile pass to get into the park?

One person can have all the passes on their phone. I have my own and my two kids’ passes. DH has his own because he has his own MDE


I see a lot of people saying it’s much easier if everyone has their own though. I haven’t personally tried it either way.


Agree. I actually sent my kids their passes too so they had them on their phones as well. We never used it because we had MBs but it was a just in case kind of thing

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So, when I goto set it up…and it asks who all do i need to create a pass for, I need to select everyone in my party since we all have park tickets?

I did it a while ago now but I think I created them one at a time.

I definitely saw families having difficulties with trying to scan in to lightning lanes with all the passes on a single phone, it seemed to be a bit of a hassle switching from one to another.


I saw that so often when entering the parks that I avoided any turnstile with a family with a parent with a phone out and ready. It was a sucky way to start the day to work so hard to get there at the early end of the crowd for early entry and then to be stuck for 10 minutes behind one of these families. I am not exaggerating, I timed it. I don’t blame the family, but Disney. If Six Flags can make having multiple passes on one phone work fine, then Disney has no excuse.


wow…so maybe I need to pony up and use the magic bands

You could stop at guest services at the gate and get plastic tickets I think, which wouldn’t cost you a thing but some of your time


I would recommend magic bands or the cards because of all the problems we had.

If you decide to continue with MagicMobile and assuming everyone in your party has a phone,

  • I would get everyone over the age of 13 their own MDE account and have them create their own magic mobile pass.
  • I would have your most technically savvy and most likely to pay attention person create a magic mobile pass for the 12 year old.
  • I have an apple phone, so not sure how this works with Android, but the savvy person should share the pass with the 12 year old and then delete it from their apple wallet. This should also delete it from their magic mobile account.

In theory, everyone should have their own magic mobile account and only theirs on their phone at this point. If definitely worked smoother for us after we deleted my son’s pass, but still had random hiccups with my account (the savvy person)

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Delete what from their magicmobile account? The payment method?
Also, so you’re saying its best if everyone, including the kids each have their own individual MDE accounts?

We used the passes on our phones for 5 days a couple of weeks ago and had zero problems. I had myself and 2 of our kids, DH had himself and one of our kids. It was fine.

I went in thinking of it causes trouble we’ll buy magic bands, but we never had any trouble so we never bought any magic bands.

ETA: I created all the passes and then shared one with DH so he could be in charge of checking someone else in.

I have the magic mobile pass on my phone and Apple Watch as a backup… both worked for me. I actually had a CM with a bad attitude tell me “apple watches don’t work” with a little sass, so I said oh yeah?? Scanned right in :laughing: she needed a little attitude adjustment, and I hope it was a gentle one!

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Yeah I never deleted anything from mine or theirs. I still hold their passes, and they do too

Will old magicbands who’s batteries have died still open resort rooms?

Yes, anything you tap will last forever. The battery is basically for the automatic ride pics and videos and things like your name on a poster in the RnRC queue or at the end of IASW.

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Delete the 12 year old’s pass from the savvy person’s phone.


Magic mobile worked great on my solo trip. In my two half-day trip with my family, it was a huge problem, mostly because the phone would default to the under 13 year old’s pass I had shared with the rest of the family. It was better once we all deleted his pass (which I why I recommended deleting it).


ok…sorry for all the questions…I just wanna make sure I understand. So, everyone should only have 1 pass on their phone…their own. Does this mean, if you goto rides or something…everyone will need to scan their own phone? 1 phone won’t be able to scan them all, correct?

No need to apologize :slight_smile: We are all here to help!

I would recommend everyone having 1 pass on their phone (assuming everyone has a phone - if they don’t, then this is terrible advice for your situation)

You can have one person who has all the passes or everyone have some of the passes. You will need to pay attention what pass is showing when you enter the park.

What happened to me is that the phone kept defaulting to my under-13 year old’s pass. So I would scan his pass, flip to mine to scan mine, and unbeknownst to me, it would flip back to his, and I would get an error. I would try again and have the same problem. I found it to be really stressful as I held up the line. :frowning:

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