Does Everyone Have to Upgrade to AP?

We’re taking advantage of free dining this summer and taking a big family trip in July. My husband and I are discussing upgrading the tickets for our family to APs once we arrive but I just thought of something that could be a potential problem, but I’m not sure it is.

We have 13 people split across 3 rooms. Our 11-year old niece is staying in our room and is on our reservation. Is it possible to only upgrade the tickets for my family of 4 and not my niece even though we’re on the same reservation? I wasn’t sure if you had to upgrade every one or if you could bridge just a few tickets on the reservation. I’m really worried about this now because we’re obviously not paying to upgrade our niece since she won’t be going back with us. Help!

You only need to have 1 person have the AP if you want to take advantage of the AP savings (up to a point). The free parking, however, would apply for everyone in the vehicle. But if you need two vehicles and want the free parking, you’d need two AP (one for a person in each vehicle). But you can share the “free” memory maker that is included across your group, etc.

I plan, for our trips next year, to only get MYSELF the AP. The rest of the group (7 others) will just have normal tickets.

Now, if you are planning a trip back in the same year, then you should figure out if getting the AP makes sense. In our case, my wife is returning with me for the second trip, but it still doesn’t make sense for her to upgrade to the AP. It is cheaper for her to get tickets twice. I’m getting the AP, however, not just to cover my tickets, but also for some of the discounts, including free parking and memory maker.


We plan on going back a couple of times in 2019 and 2020, so it does make sense to get the AP for my family of 4 - we’d get our money’s worth. Is what you’re saying that it is possible for just my family to upgrade to APs but not my niece even though she’s in our room?

Yes. The AP has nothing to do with whether you stay in a room or not.

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Phew! Thanks. It just popped into my head and I was all like “Oh no, plans ruined!!!” You know, just your basic Disney-related freak out. :grinning:

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