Does Everyone Go Through a Planning Depression?

We are 103 days out. I agree, why bother with TP for a while because of the unknown. But, I need to be prepared for FPP decisions. Right now, I am thinking that I am not going to get FPP for HS since they changed the tiers. We are planning on one EEMH at 6 a.m. with the 3 adults who arrive first, and then one EEMH with the whole group of 7. I refuse to get up for a 3rd morning of this, and I refuse to go to HS for an afternoon when the wait times will be absurd with only 1 worthwhile FPP. I had an afternoon plan with 57 minutes on attractions and about 160 minutes in line. Never have a
I spent that much time in line for an afternoon. Plus, there is so little for my two granddaughters to be able to do. Going to Epcot instead. Hoping the SWGE crowds wait for 12/5.


Before my trip in 2015, after a long Disney hiatus, I had a nightmare that I lost our printed itinerary and 7 people in our party were staring at me and screaming “Where do we go next?!” It was very dramatizing.

I am 109 days out from our next trip. No nightmares yet, but I’m in a lull too. These EEMH days have me agitated a bit. And the worry about the fall being really crowded due to SWGE has me very much anticipating 29 August. I’m also hoping many people shift their trips now that the full land will be opening in Dec! But I think that’s wishful thinking considering Disney has so many EEMH already established for the time period we will be there.


Update, the blues have lifted. Never did get the MagicBand that I wanted, but got them for DH and DS. Just going to buy mine. Fastpass day was yesterday and went quite well overall. Have tweaked my ADRs and have what I want pretty much at good times. Only 59 more days to go. Have mostly adjusted from moving cross country which most likely had a bit to do with how I was feeling.


Moving is very difficult even if it’s just down the street. You will feel a lot more like yourself when you’re settled in.

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