Does Early Morning Magic affect touring plans?

They have scheduled early morning magic at Studios and MK on my planned days. Should I change days?

Do these mornings make rope drop more crowded?

For studios:

My plan is to do RNR and TOT then TSM and fastpass for slinky. I don’t like the rush. I also saw that that they open TSL at 8:45, so I wonder if I should just go ahead and do TSM rather than wait the extra 15 minutes for Sunset Blvd. to open.

For MK:
My plan is to go to Tomorrowland at rope drop to do Buzz and Space, then do the Fantasyland attractions (Small World, Philharmonic, Mermaid) with fp for 7 dwarfs, Peter Pan. After an early lunch will go to Big Thunder Mountain and Splash with one of them being a fp.

Also, which would I have a better chance at getting a same day fp in May? Splash or BTMRR?

I have done EMM at TSL once and when the RD crowd was making their way in we were outta there. We had just had the whole area to ourselves with no crowd so did not want to hang around after that. I have heard that some EMM people then go immediately to RNR and TOT, but it wasn’t the majority. We went to sign up for Jedi Training and then ate breakfast and breakfast was crowded. I don’t think many of the EMM “crowd” are really a factor at RD so I would keep your days as planned.

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I haven’t been to either park with EMM. I was going to answer your question in regard to the extra FP. We went at the beginning of May 2018 and I saw extra FPs for both BTMRR and Splash. I would just go with whatever one you find first for the time you like and then try again for the other after you scan in for your FP.

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I don’t think EMM will impact your plans. For both parks you are avoiding the main RD crowd because you aren’t headed first to TSL or to FL (which is great if you want to avoid the rush). I also think it’s possible to pick SD FPs for either Splash or BTMRR. I’ve picked SD FPs for pretty much every ride (minus SDD) at some point. You just have to refresh over and over.

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