Does Disney Charge You if

I will be watching MDE for Magic Band choices and will want to order them if I see that I can get everyone’s choices. But, I will cancel the trip if it isn’t safe to go. If I cancel, do I owe Disney for the Magic Bands?

I have done this before. No, you already paid for any upcharge ones and they will not charge you for the plain ones.

I have a related question:
I ordered magic bands including one upcharge band for a package reservation. I have since cancelled the package reservation and booked a new room only reservation instead for the same dates. Will they still send the previously ordered set since I paid for one of them, or will the order be cancelled and I need to order another set attached to the new reservation? Don’t want to pay for the same one twice. And, I’m not sure if things are different since the closure in this regard.

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Good to know. We have a one night stay and then a 9 night package. I was planning on getting 2 bands each for all seven of us, but I would not want to owe for 14 Magic Bands.

MB upcharge is our only lost cost from our cancelled July trip, but I don’t think it should’ve been.

We cancelled the room and were given a number to call to cancel MBs. Unfortunately the number they gave us was a US number and there doesn’t seem to be a UK equivalent.

I tried calling a UK number to ask again, but they ended up giving me the same US number. However, on that call, they told me that if the room was cancelled then the MB upcharge would be cancelled automatically. It wasn’t and we never received a refund.

I’m hesitant to call a US number because I’m only asking for a refund of about $40. I have no idea how much a call to US, while being on hold for an undetermined amount of time, would cost. It might not be worth it.

Do you have Skype? You can make an ordinary phone call on it.

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No, I’ve never used Skype. I will look into that. Thanks @Nickysyme :+1:t2:

What was the number to cancel MB order?

Our trip was automatically cancelled for May 2, 2020 and got a full refund for our vacation except for the one MB we ordered. We had only purchased 1 upgrade MB so I wasn’t too worried about the $ loss. Then to my surprise I automatically got the MB refund around the middle of June. So just hang in there. it should come later.

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800 328 0327