Does Disney After Hours sell out?

I noticed they just released more dates for Disney After Hours. I am thinking about doing this for my trip in February. Does anyone know if this event ever sells out?

Yes. Some do, others you can get into on the day.

Not sure if the tickets are refundable? If they are, I would book if you think you want to do it and then decide closer to the time.

The dates in December are clearly an experiment, so don’t use them as a guide as to what will happen to the later ones. Someone may have a link to info about what dates sold out in previous years.

OK, had a look over on WDWMagic.

Typically last year, most dates seemed to sell out about a week or so before hand. This is going on the postings they made each time a date sold out. Some wee only on the actual day,

So you have time… but there’s no knowing what the pattern will be.

Thanks! I will probably purchase them soon but it is pretty expensive and I am not sure if they are refundable.

The tickets are expensive (there are discounts for AP and DVC) but it was totally worth it. We went in July and even my grumpy non Disney husband thought it was worth it (and that is saying a lot).

I just checked Disney’s site and they are nonrefundable.

I’m wondering if the Dec 10th date will sell out. We are going to upgrade to AP for our December trip but not until we are there so I’d like to wait and buy the DAH tickets after we have the AP to get the discount. But, not if there is a chance that it will sell out…what to do, what to do?

Well 3 of us just bought ours today for that date, so I guess we were worried it would sell out.

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I will likely end up doing the same. FOMO at its best!! :anguished:


I ended up purchasing my tickets for February 28th. I am super excited! Can you get fast passes for before the party? I know you can get in at 7:00 PM.

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In one of the other DAH threads someone claimed that they were allowed to use the DAH as a FP on all rides after 7. I didn’t know know that and didn’t try it, but it may be a “free” perk of DAH. In some ways it makes sense as a way to not impact DAH customers much by long lines for rides at park close. We ended up starting with Dumbo to avoid lines at 10, but perhaps that was foolish on our part?

Definitely worth digging deeper to see about that DAH as FP thing…

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I’m thinking of doing the Dec 3rd one, too. My theory is that many people will be going to the Xmas parties that week, so not as many will be buying the DAH tickets. Not sure if that will be the case, but I’m hoping so! My other fear is that December weather can be so iffy and we’ll end up freezing all night long! I think I will wait til closer to the date and just hope there’s still tickets left. Sounds like so much fun, though.

Does anyone know what 25 attractions stay open? It’s a little frustrating that the Disney website just has a partial list. I guess so that if some don’t open people aren’t disappointed?

Here’s what Disney’s site says:

On select nights now through March 2019, don’t miss your chance to skip the wait times for more than 25 popular attractions and Character Greetings—including: