Does Art of Animation share a bus?

Does Art of Animation share a bus with any other resorts? I’ve definitely heard that Pop Century doesn’t.


No, or at least not usually.

Art of Animation has its own bus. A great feature of both AoA and Pop! Keep in mind that if the line is ever verrrry long for one but not the other, that you can walk between the two.

How close are they? I’ve heard you could do that, but never what the distance is in walking time… I guess you can see one from the other?

I am a fast walker but I would guess ten minutes from the lobby of one to the other?You can see them.

You can check it out in google maps to see how close they are, too. I often find that helpful.

My understanding is that Pop and AoA were originally going to be all one resort (which is why Pop “Century” only has 5 decades) so you just need to cross the bridge in the middle. I’m planning to stay at Pop and hope to check out AoA’s food court!

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Yup, that’s correct! One side was to be the “Classic Years” and the other, the “Legendary Years”. It’s why the main building at Pop is called Classic Hall.

Definitely get over to AoA’s food court if you can! Pop is good, but AoA is even better. I love the Indian choices there.

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