Does anyone know why MK closes at 6:00 pm on Tuesday October 22, 2019?

It is not a MNSSHP night. MNSSHP is Monday night that week instead of it’s usual Tuesday night.

Kenny the Pirate’s website says “Possible Non-Guest Event” for that evening.

Does anyone know what the event is and more importantly, how will it effect MK crowds that day?

I think it’s a CM recognition event.

There are usually a couple round that time of year.

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Any thoughts on how that will impact crowd levels at MK that afternoon? On a MNSSHP nights, MK starts to get very crowded after 4 pm when the MNSSHP guests are let in. Is it likely to be the same issue?

I don’t know but I doubt it.

Even if the CMs can come in with their guests a little bit early, I would think there’d be far fewer of them than the numbers at the parties.