Does anyone know how they handle early ADRs at Oga's?

If we have a 9:05 ADR at Oga’s (earliest reservation) with a 9:00 opening, how does that work? Do we wait with the masses at RD? Is there a special line? Thanks!

When we were there last week they had a special line for people with reservations off to the left.
Then once up at the rope, they were again announcing it every so often.

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Do you know if they then made sure those people went to Oga’s? Or could they sneak into the line for MFSR? Or, as would be my case, RotR.

I do not. They all had iPads though.

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Thanks! I assume even it we have to pop our heads into Oga’s we’d still be ahead of the game.

If all members of a party decided to skip the res to ride and they paid $10pp to do it, why would Disney care?

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That’s my thought. And it’s worth $40 to me to only show up 30 minutes ahead of open with small kiddos.

My sister just got a non-alcoholic drink and gave them $10 for it (incl tip).

If you’d rather ride it’s not going to “cost” any more than it would just to have a cheap beverage.


Disney math at it’s best!


Disney Math could totally be some kind of creative alternative class at a community college. You could actually learn a lot, LOL. ROI, time vs money, champion spreadsheet skills…


Pure speculation, but if the land reaches capacity, I using your Oga’s reservation might make you wait less in line.

I am making a lot of assumptions, but they are sort of reasonable.

If there are enough people at RD to make SWGE reach capacity and by 9:05 they are only letting people with reservations enter the land, the line should actually start getting shorter (as people go into the ride and leave to see more of SWGE without more people coming in) until they start letting boarding groups in. So by going on Oga’s for breakfast and moving to RotR you might have a shorter wait.

What’s the update on this topic? I have a 9:10 ADR and am wondering if it will be any help on a 9AM opening.

Just there on 1/25 with a a 9:15am reservation. They line everyone up and someone comes by to check your reservation time and get you into the queue. I imagine others are on standby. Then they call you later to bring you in. The did confirm the first name on the reservation when calling your name to keep anyone from “stealing” your reservation. Very cool experience. And the charcuterie option was really good for breakfast and had some neat sensory stuff with detail. Neat place!

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