Does anyone know how long the lines are to get additional fastpass+?

Hi Everyone,

I don’t have a smart phone yet and was wondering if it really says time to be able to book fastpass+ reservations on the app vs standing in line.

Thanks for your help.

I imagine the lines will be shorter than they used to be. Check out where they are beforehand, and try to use the ones that are not on the main drags.

It could be a good time to invest in a smart phone, and then you’ll also be able to pull up predicted wait times for all the rides too. It will make the most difference in MK if you are planning to spend the whole day there.

Last week, I saw three kiosks. Only once did I see a family using one.

I think it will be a function of the crowd level and random crowd dynamics. There have been times I’ve walked right up to them and times when there were half a dozen people ahead of me.

Not sure if it’s an option for you, but I didn’t have a smartphone last year, so I took my son’s ipod with me. There is free wifi in most places in the park (doesn’t always work inside buildings while in line). I just had to download the Disney app (same one as you’d use in the smartphone) and use it in the same way.

Another possibility to consider is a cheap unlocked Android phone.It will have wifi built in, and no phone plan is required to use the wifi on an unlocked phone. If you don’t already have an iPod, this may be the cheapest option, and may save you some walking around the parks to find a kiosk.

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