Does anyone know any alternative Fantasmic Viewing spots please?

I think my kids can handle the crowds leaving Fantasmic but not sure about my husband. If we aren’t in the Theatre seating how well will be able to see and hear everything? Any advice on alternative locations greatly appreciated.

you won’t be able to see anything if you are not in the theater viewing area. It’s located off to the side of the park behind quite a few trees. You might be able to hear bits of music but the show itself you’ll miss out on.

Because of the how dark it is, I don’t believe there is any Standing Room Only location.
For exiting crowds, the best bet would be to sit at the top right, that’s the closest to the exit so that you can leave before the hordes. Or stay seated until the majority has left and then you can head out without the crammed feeling.


Thank you, one last question please, is the path to Fantasmic the same level as the top of the theatre, or do you have to climb up to get in?

The path Brings you out at the top of the theatre. When you arrive you are behind the top row, you climb down stairs to find a seat and then climb up the stairs to exit at the end.

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Could you see Fantasmic from outside the park at the boat launch area for EP? I was looking at a map which suggested you could but depends how far the theatre continues around the stage.

No. You may see the very top of some fireworks but absolutely no part of the show.

The show is in it’s own amphitheater. It’s hard to picture it until you actual go. It’s sort of in a secluded part of the park, up and to the side of Tower of Terror.

Get a fast pass and enjoy the show. When it’s over, let most of the crowd empty out. That should alleviate any anxiety about the crowds. I totally empathize. I do not like dense crowds. Can’t stand being bumped or jostled. I’m short and it freaks me out.

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Maybe the viewing reports outside the park are reports of Fireworks? You definitely need to be in the theatre to see it. Are you concerned about accessibility?

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Thank you both. It should be alright if we do a DP and then stay in our seats.