Does Anyone Else Ever Feel This Way?

I just took a trip to Universal in December. I adore Universal and always like to have an idea when I’ll be going back, even if it’s in a couple years. Right now, I have no upcoming trip on the horizon. But here’s the weird thing. I’m not upset about that. My trip in December was an absolutely perfect vacation. The weather was perfect. The crowds were low. The waits were short. I finally got Voodoo Donuts. I finally rode Simpsons. I got to ride Hagrid. Three times! I clearly remember sitting in Carkitt Market waiting for a show to start, looking around and thinking that it was total bliss. When I came home, I actually felt like I had a vacation because I was able to relax and enjoy it all and it all went smoothly. I feel like no future trip will ever top it.

I feel the same way about my last trip to Disney World. I went in early 2016 and it was the same magic cocktail - low crowds, low waits, exactly the FPPs I wanted, Jedi Training exactly where I wanted it, my youngest got to meet Darth Vader! We were the last people to leave BOG one night and exited to an almost entirely empty Main Street, where we walked very slowly to the front of the park and took in all the magic with no one around. It could never be that great again. In fact, for our next Disney trip, we are going to go to Disneyland, primarily because the kids have never been there, but also because with how chaotic (and expensive!) it seems Disney World has gotten, I think I would rather keep my amazing memory.

Does anyone else ever feel this way?

No. The amazing memories make me want to go back even more. I might not recreate those exact moments, but I know there will be more magic to find.


I did take a break from theme parks from 2016 - 2018 pretty much for the reasons you mentioned. We visited major cities around the U.S. and saw the sites there. Made as many great and new memories there as in the parks + it’s good to expand your horizons - especially your kids. We live near Memphis, TN, but the size of that doesn’t compare to Chicago, New York & such…

For us the time apart made our hearts grow fonder theme parks again. I do have a DLR trip planned for this year too & a BIG solo WDW trip at the end of 2021. After that though, I’m thinking it’ll be time for another short break. Maybe come back to Orlando once Epic Universe is done and been operating for a year or so or take a trip overseas that includes a couple Disney parks days.

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I do find myself worrying that we won’t recreate the same kind of magic we’ve had in the past…but then, when we go, we usually create some new kind of magic.

Our last Disney trip was in 2016, and it was a great trip…although bittersweet because our oldest son couldn’t join us. Then, in 2018, we did 4 days at Universal. It was another great trip…but as we drove past the exit for Disney each day on our way to/from Universal, I felt a tug at my heart, wishing to return. We alleviated it somewhat by going to Disney Springs, but after we returned, we started planning our Disney trip(s) with fervor. Of course, we’re doing Universal AND Disney in May, which I’m definitely looking forward to…but I’m MOST looking forward to having a relaxing, unique Disney experience with just my wife in December.

I don’t know what I’ll do after that trip is over. I mean, I don’t think we’ll be back until probably 2023. But…ask me again next January. :wink:

This is what I’m thinking right now as well. I know I want to go back because I absolutely love Universal, and I do believe that absence will make the heart grow fonder. I was just surprised that I even had the thought that staying away might be a good thing.

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Do you go pretty much every year? That’s another thing I wonder about. For people who go frequently, I bet it’s easier to keep going back because you don’t put so much stock in a single trip. I don’t go that often, so I feel like if it’s absolutely perfect, I would be feeling so much (self-imposed) pressure to have another perfect trip because it’s been 5 years ( or however long) that that’s what gives me this feeling.

No, 4 trips since our first in 1992 :joy: I think that’s why I am always desperate to go back. In recent years we did 2012, 2016, 2019 and I’m hoping for 2022.

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