Does allergy accommodation take a lot of time?

I’m currently eating clean to get ready for my Disney trip. I forget how much better I feel without dairy and gluten!
My original plan was to throw the diet during the trip but now I’m curious if I could stick with it.
Does allergy accommodation add a lot of time to an ADR ?

It can, depending on how busy . One table kept the poor guy there for 45 minutes

I am not sure if it helps a bit but I had emailed Disney regarding lactose free options. They were very detailed in their reply. I can send it to you as you may find some helpful links in it.

My allergy is easy. Shellfish. But that being said the chef still comes to the table and speaks with me. I have never had a long wait. Good luck!

I guess I could just order from the things that are listed as Gluten free. It’s not a big deal if I get a little but I would like to eat things like the GF fried chicken at 50PT and some of the desserts.

I’m trying to get away with the minimal number of DH eye rolls. :grin:

I wouldn’t say that it takes a lot of time, but it does take a bit extra. In my experience, they won’t let you order if you say you have an allergy until you speak with the chef - even if you know what you’d like to get. We’ve never waited more than 10 minutes at a restaurant to see the chef, but i can’t see where even that small delay would be annoying to some. But as a mom, I great appreciate how careful Disney is with food allergies!

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I have a selfish allergy and my mom can not eat soy. At family style: No food will be placed on your table until the chef speaks with you about the allergy and/or diet accommodations. At Buffets: The chef comes out and will take you around the buffet table to assist you with making your meal choices. At TS the waitress or waiter has the chef come out to help you pick from the menu. My mom has had the chef specially prepare meals for her at TS and Family style locations. I would add an extra 15 minutes to how long you expected to be at the restaurant. At CBR the chef made my mom a wrap at the QS location.

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If you want the GF fried chicken you have to go there in the morning and tell them when you will be eating there so they can have it ready for you.

I have to eat a low GI (lower carbs) is that considered a dietary concern? I will be heartbroken when they tell me I can’t have the strawberry soup.

I’ve had really good experiences with addressing my (almost) vegan food needs at wdw, at ts locations. this last trip they actually recreated a curry for me at r&c, which had been removed from menu between my adr ressie and our trip. and it was yummy.

something they did which I loved - they’ll bring out childrens’ food b4 rest of fam, esp if there’s a special request such as I had.

one really big disappointment however this trip - whispering canyon food. fun restaurant for the littles. but no veg on menu, and veg option chef prepared for me and my ddil, basically inedible. that said, very unusual - in fact, only time I’ve had a special diet problem of that sort at dis.

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Adds a little time. There are gluten dairy free waffles available. GF ckn fingers. Soy or rice milk shakes at 50’s prime. Boma will make special foods. Desserts are the biggest challenge. Cali grill did an over the top apricot sorbet with grilled figs

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