Does ADR at Rainforest Cafe save time?

Hi all
I notice that the earliest breakfast reservation you can get for the Rainforest Cafe at AK is 8.30am on the days the park opens at 9am.
I understand that you can enter the park before your ADR for photos etc however does the ADR finish in time to get into a ride queue before rope drop.
I am thinking we will problably be better off skipping an ADR, doing rope drop, and hurrying to Expedition Everest instead.
I am travelling with DH and 3 big kids, (17 & 2 x 20) in Decmeber 2016 and will likely visit AK on a crowd day of between 4 & 6.
Any advice will be appreciated.

Unless you really want to eat at rainforest cafe, I say skip it and go with plan rope-drop-expedition-Everest.

As RFC isn’t actually in the park ( its outside park gates at the entrance ) as such you cannot get in park early to take photos . You need a tusker house adr to get into AK early.


Thank you for your advice. We won’t bother with a breakfast ADR and will just do rope drop.