Do you take your own towels to Typoon Lagoon or Volcano Bay?

Just planning what to pack and husband would like to know if we need to take our own towels to the water parks or are they provided? namely Typoon Lagoon and Volcano Bay.(We are staying at Universal Cabana Bay)

Thanks everyone x

You have a few options.

You can either bring your own towels, which is nice because they are yours.

You could take them from your resort (I doubt anyone is going to stop you from grabbing towels from the pool). And as long as you return them, I really fail to see how it’s a problem.

Or, you can rent towels at the water parks.

Cabana Bay has unlimited towels by their pools. The lazy river pool is located right next to the volcano bay entrance. My guess is if you used them then brought them back it wouldn’t be a problem.

We stayed at HRH and asked if we could take the pool towels to Volcano Bay - they had no problem with it.

TL and B.B. have free towels for resort guests.