Do you take anything for motion sickness?

There are a lot of motion simulator rides at WDW and USF. Do you take anything for motion sickness?

Are you asking for recommendations, or are you asking if you need to take them? Do you get motion sick usually?

I’m a worrier, lol.

I have suffered from mild motion sickness on rides like Star Tours before. There’s a bunch of rides I’ve never been on that I’m excited/slightly nervous about, e.g. Soarin’, FOP, Mission Space, half the stuff at Universal, …

I read a trip report just now that mentioned Dramamine and it got me thinking …

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If you’ve had motion sickness on Star Tours, I’d say you should take something.

Peppermint candy. Been carrying them around for years. Won’t travel anywhere or ride say, Mission Space without them. Regular red & white Starlight mints. Altoids are great too. I usually get the overpriced Disney shaped ones in the Parks if my pocket stash runs out.

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You should try Dramamine BEFORE your trip to see if it makes you drowsy. It makes me SO drowsy that I wouldn’t enjoy the park, but I think that only happens to some people.

I have my eyes set on this product - never tried it before, but reviews are favorable:

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Dramamine knocks me out too. Ginger upsets my stomach. I’m a believer in peppermints.

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I always figure better safe than sorry. I am totally fine on real actual rides, but occasionally a simulator will get me (usually older ones). I found a lot of the newer simulators didn’t bother me (ex: Star Tours a little, FOP not at all - even though FOP is technically more intense)… my speculation is that they have gotten better at matching the motion with the movements so perhaps there is less disconnect in my brain as to what the heck is happening?

Anyway, if you are worried about taking something, my mother (who suffered from vertigo issues a few years back) and my husband (who gets car sick but and has some inner ear issues) swear by the wrist bands. My mom in particular liked them because she didn’t have to take anything that might make her drowsy or something.

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I’ve never tried it (Dramamine doesn’t seem to be available here) but there is a non-drowsy version that might be useful

Living in Hawaii, people question what they can do to avoid getting seasick when going on cruises or fishing trips. Dramamine is commonly mentioned. The problem with something like Dramamine is it does make some people sleepy. What I tell people is, the time to start taking it is a couple of days before you go on the boat so you have it in your system and you will be used to its effects on you. If you take it right before going on the boat, it might be too late to help and all you will do is sleep. The wrist bands work on some people and not on others. Hawaii has all kinds of ginger candy and some work better than others, you would just have to find what works for you. Ginger candy helps my wife with regular nausea.

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Star Tours is the only ride in all of WDW that gives me intense motion sickness. I don’t think it’s synched perfectly to the motion. That said, non drowsy Dramamine helps.

oh yes - one of my friends who gets motion sick takes dramamine, but takes the drowsy the night before heading to the theme park and then takes the non-drowsy the morning of. If going the medication route, get it in your system ahead of time.

I do and I was fine on all those rides, but I got sick on the magic carpet ride! I took Bonine. It made me a bit sleepy, but didn’t knock me out like Dramamine. It did help.

My husband takes Bonine. Dramamine makes him sleepy, but he does ok with Bonine.

You can also use Seabands. They are amazing for motion sickness.

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I don’t have enough arms! I need one arm for my Magic Band and one for my Apple Watch (with Mickey Mouse face)!

The Sea Bands can fit under those things, or even slightly lower on your wrist - they are meant to be on your pressure point there, and not slightly back where most watches and Magic Bands lay. I use them quite often, for bus rides and ferry ides, and they help me.

Dramamine puts me right to sleep. I have Bonine for a backup, but mostly I just avoid any rides I think will set it off, which is a bunch. I’m a chicken anyway though, so I wouldn’t want to ride most of them to begin with!

I get a prescription for Transderm Scop patch that goes behind your ear. Last 3 days. I put one on before flying then change it out every 3 days. Does not make me sleepy but on the first day does seem to make me more thirsty.

I agree. Dramamine knocks me out. I had to use it on a cruise one time during a period of rough water (who goes to the Caribbean on a cruise in October? This girl.) and I slept through the night, breakfast and my shore excursion the next morning. Peppermint helps with nausea, and not a bit of being tired from it. I agree with @UndeadMonkey.

I too, am simulator challenged. I did not have an issue with Soarin’, but have not tried Mission Space or Star Tours. Got very sick at Universal on Forbidden Journey, but next trip I took Bonine and did some calm breathing and it worked for me. Bonine works well for my sea-sickness as well and I do not get drowsy.