Do you prefer 8am or 5 pm safari ride when sunset is 5:30 pm

Wanted to hear from others do you see more animals at 8 am. Or at dusk?

Actually the driver I had last week said somewhere around 10AM is the best chance to see the most animals

We definitely see more animals around the 5pm time. We used to always go first thing in the am until one day we were walking through and there was a 20 min wait at around 530pm. We of course jumped in line and it was so worth it. The animals were up walking around, it seemed to be feeding time as cast members were out and about too. Since then, we have booked for evening and it has never disappointed. On our last trip we had the pleasure of watching a hippo walk in and around the water hole, got stuck in a giraffe crossing, and we also got really good views of the lions and other big cats moving around. In my opinion, this is the best time for safari.

We’ve always had good rides in the 9:00 hour. We did a dusk ride (nearly dark, to be fair) and there were a TON of animals around but it was a little hard to see them.