Do You Only Park Hop for Shorter Trips?

Do you usually only get park hoppers for shorter trips? 4 or less days?
I’m going for 8 days and didn’t get it. Instead, opted for the genie plus. Would it have been wiser to do hopping instead? It was just too expensive to do both.
Going with 3 kids (16,15,12).

I am in the same situation and opted for no park hopper (we have 8 days). I would much rather have Genie Plus. I too refuse to give WDW the money for both for my kids, even though I have park hopper on my AP.

I have never gone without park hoppers whether my trips were short or long. I like being able to move around wherever. Not being able to park hop until 2 makes it much less flexible, though, but I still purchased for my next trip.


We always get PH and we always go for 6-8 days. I just enjoy the flexibility and being able to adapt plans if something happens (bad weather day, etc.), pick up an ADR somewhere, etc. And we always like to go back and do our favorites a couple of times, so that seems to help. I think the flexibility is more important to me with a young kid maybe (7yo). If we take a break and don’t make it back to Park A that day, it’s not a big deal because we can go tomorrow evening, stuff like that.


I hop a lot when with friends, but not sure I ever have hopped when taking my kids. Disney gets money for either park hopping, or Genie Plus from me these days. Not both. Now at DLR, I would never go without park hoppers, but at WDW just isn’t a necessary expense unlike Genie Plus (because we ride it all and hate lines).

We usually only take one child. My first trip in 2004, though, had all 3 kids. Of course, there was no G+. We did buy PHs. My next trip is just DD28 and me, so I’m doing both. However, I don’t actually ride many rides. DD will ride more than me. I’ll be getting DAS, too, so I won’t actually need it. However, DD will.

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The OP did say it was one or the other, they could not do both. So PH and Genie Plus together is not an option for them. Genie Plus is the better value in this situation (in my opinion, which is always right :rofl:).


I think you made a good choice. With 8 days you have plenty of time to spend in all the parks.

Last time we went (February 2020 right before things shut down) we were there eight days and got PH. We stayed at Beach Club, it was during Festival of the Arts. We’d pop into Epcot for a bite before or after going to a different park. Instead of taking the bus to MK, we walked through Epcot and took the monorail. He went to do the “makes me throw up rides” somewhere (I don’t remember which ones) and I went to Epcot to watch the entertainment. We loved the flexibility.