Do you make a mini version of your TP?

Trying to think of ways to keep my TP handy without opening my phone 100 times to check the next step and Fast Pass times. Do you guys carry it around with you? Do you make a mini version of it an laminate it? Tell me your tricks and how you do it! (I dont want to memorize them, my brain is already full.) :slight_smile:

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I pretty much did memorize. Lol. But I also saved as a PDF. That’s still the phone though. I don’t want extra paper.

If you do a screen shot of it and save it as your wall paper (the screen locked one), you won’t have to keep opening your phone. I did not do this, as I was constantly optimizing my plan, but at DLR I do it for my ticket so that I don’t waste battery.


Oh, I like this idea. Clever.

ETA: Although, thinking about it, I’m not sure how well that will work. Once my phone does facial recognition it automatically unlocks so I would have to read REALLY fast. :wink:

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Have to admit, I am old school and like to print - no - never laminated. i think next trip, so that I can re-optomize, I’ll just have to check my phone

Put you finger over the camera and you should be fine.

Yes, and no. The light sensor is in the camera, and if you are in darkness, the phone screen dims, making it almost impossible to read in daylight/bright light, but very nice when you are actually in darkness. So, I cover the camera so that it doesn’t recognize me, and the screen will be so dim I STILL don’t be able to read it! :wink:

Technology. It’s all great…until it isn’t!

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Okay then you will have to put it on someone else’s phone and look at it there. That’s all I got.

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I just print it - full size, no laminating. Fold it in half or even quarters, it’s not exactly taking up room.


Ya know, I thought about this and planned on reoptimizing but I have a few things each day that are “breaks” with notes to do something and I feel like I’d optimize then have to move those around to where I want them and spend too much time. I’m thinking about optimizing and arranging the day before we go and just hoping they remain helpful. Is that a terrible idea?

That won’t work because…


I sound like I’m being difficult. But it isn’t me! I really liked the idea! My phone is just being…difficult!

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Lemme guess…iPhone…? :grin:

mmmm hmmm :smirk:

Nope. I don’t like iPhones. I have an Android, running last OS. These are all because of advanced (new) features that weren’t in prior Android versions. I can disable them for the trip, I suppose. Just don’t blame me if you get blinded when I check my phone in line for Space Mountain! :wink:

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I’m an TP addict. I will plan & plan the trip pretty much every night for months. Really…every day when less than 60 days out. So I don’t “try” to memorize it, but by that point I have stuck in my brain.

My last trip is when I didn’t take a hard copy with me. I just used the app. My phone battery is reliable and I make sure to put to sleep all other apps as often as possible. The MyDisneyExperience app will eat your battery far more than TP - IMO

I will probably go back to paper next time. I spent way to much time looking at my screen and not enjoying the beauty of the park. Instead, I was playing with all the TP app features, like reporting wait times or trying to habitually “modify” FPP to game the WDW system.

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I optimise my plans for the last time about 10 days before we go. That’s when I print them and I never touch them after that. Which is not to say that I stick to them rigidly, but I don’t bother reoptimising or reevaluating them.

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Ooh, I stand corrected. I made the assumption because I do that on my Android and as long as I cover my camera I have no issues. Then again, I don’t have the brightness set to Auto. :smiley:

I love the Auto brightness feature. But, perhaps I’ll have to take one for the team on this! :wink:

I kind of feel like I am having a conversation with my teen boys, when I ask them to do something and they have 3 million reasons why they can’t.


Last trip I hand wrote my TP on a 5x8 index card, on the back I pasted the TP map.