Do you have to RD HS for RotR as crowd levels rise?

With park attendance going up what are people experiencing on boarding groups for RotR? We are travelling into Orlando from north of Kingsland area on 95 as a stopping point the night before so RD will be early AM departure. Curious if we need to be cozy to 10am park open or early to make sure we can ride RotR?


The RotR BG “lottery” is still a thing. It really does help to be there before RD. Right now DHS is “unofficially” opening an whole hour early (9am) with rides operating. So if you get there early you can get a ride in real quick or a coffee and try for a BG.

My friends when in a group of 4 last weekend and got one for all. However, they say the couple standing right next to them didn’t. It’s still hit & miss.

If the ride is operating smoothly, they do a 2pm BG drop as well. So if you can’t make it early there is always a chance to pick up a BG then. However, those 2pm drops tend to be “back-up” groups that may not get called.


I would plan to arrive by around 9:15am (or earlier, but it doesn’t seem to add any benefit to get there before 8:45am). You can ride MMRR before the park officially opens, particularly if you are among the first to enter. If you just want to arrive in time to apply for a BG, aim for no later than 9:40am. Most people have said that getting through health, security, and tapstiles is quick.


Thank you both for the info. I had not picked up from other places the unofficial early open. That is a huge benefit. We will have a early start but the kids are totally in the dark so perhaps the buzz of surprise Disney trip will get us thru the AM.


Just an FYI: I read on lines that yesterday (or maybe it was today?) that MMRR (and other rides at HS) did not open until park opening at 10:00. Not sure if it was just an off day or if they will continue to wait until park opening to run the rides now.

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(Not to you, but to that news.)

“Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios seem to try to start allowing guests into the park 50 minutes early. EPCOT and the Animal Kingdom are allowing guests in 30 minutes early. What attractions are open early is a bit random. All rides have safety checks that they have to clear in the morning. The most popular attractions will be open when guests are allowed into the park if possible.”


Love the video showing the transportation rundown from pop century to HS before park open, but @SteveBloom, you never mentioned if you got a BG for RotR. I know you said you were calling it a morning after ToT, but did you try when you got in to see if you would have been able to?

Rides were open at 9:10 opening on the dot yesterday (walked on to MMRR) and BG easily obtained at 10am while in line for Slinky Dog Dash chosen for its all outdoor cue so no weak signal.


We arrived at 8:35am and were very close to the front of the line. Temp, security and turnstiles very quick and we walked on to MMRR and had about a 30 min wait for Slinky Dog right after (chosen for outdoor queue and ability to get BG without worrying about a loss of signal)


So, I was on Slinky Dog Dash at 10 am. Once I realized what time it was, I pulled out my phone a tried for a boarding group. At 10:00:32 the Boarding Groups were gone. I was able to get a boarding group at the 2 pm drop.


They went quickly at 10 today.

In my experience they are gone around 10:00:15!

It’s crazy.