Do You Have a Room View/Location Horror Story?

If you’ve been following along in this series, you know that I intro each post with a fictional horror story about accidentally booking the “wrong” room. Does anyone have a personal horror story about a room with a TERRIBLE view or really bad location (long walk, getting lost late at night, etc.)? If you’re willing to share it, I have one more post to wrap up this series, and I would love to start it off with a real-life example.

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Is there really a bad room at Disney?!? I complained about my view to the front desk. I paid for a garden view at PO. I was definitely looking at a parking lot from my window. Since I had paid for garden and got a parking lot (:musical_score:now I’ve got a song in my head: paved paradise and put up a parking lot oooo doot doot doot ). Anyway, the front desk told me technically I was in a garden room. I replied, “ well I guess the little bit of fenced grass is supposed to count as a garden!?! “ ( PO has all those iron fenced grassy areas). And the front desk thanked me for my great attitude. :worried: I think I was snookered. :face_with_monocle:

edited to add a pic: I went to the room finder app to see if I could find the room. This is a close example:


Yes!! In January 2020, DH and I stayed at SSR on DVC points with another couple. We each booked preferred studios. My biggest concern was that our rooms were near each other, not necessarily adjacent, but in the same building at least. My room request was for room 3601 in Springs Building #6. I don’t remember the verbiage I used, but am relatively sure I requested an upper level room in one of the Springs buildings facing the fountain. We were assigned Springs Building #7. The other couple got room 4123, which was a lovely location. We got room 4136. It was ground level, in a corner right next to the main door that went into the building. The room itself was in desperate need of refurbishment and the location was horrible. I like sitting out on the balcony in the am or pm to relax and there was no way that was happening in this room. We couldn’t even leave our blinds open, ever. There was absolutely no privacy. In the image below, you can see how close the public area and door (to the left) are to the patio outside our room. On the other side of the hedges by the stop sign is the main road where the buses leave the grounds. The only thing good about the room is its proximity to the bus stop. It was just outside of view on the left. 1.5 minute walk, max.


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BCV room 273 was the worst room I’ve ever had. I had picked that general area because it had a cool view of the Epcot ball
Cool view:

but I did not take into account how far away it was.

The room is where the purple arrow is. The entrance to BCV is the blue arrow. It all looks very close together on this map but I swear the room distance is like a million miles. We would go to SAB and then freeze to death on the well air conditioned hike through the building.

The only saving grace about this room was that there is a stairwell at the end of the hall that popped you out to the parking lot and you could cut across to the bus stop.


On my first trip with my MIL, we did not get preferred rooms. We requested top floor rooms near each other at POR in the AB section. My family was assigned a ground floor room in the mansion area, and MIL was given a room faaaaar away in the AB area. They couldn’t have gotten further from our request if they’d tried. The front desk was able to move MIL to the mansion area so that we were only a 5 minute walk from each other rather than, say, 15 minutes, but that was the best they could do.

I still generally wouldn’t book a preferred room, though. Not worth the cost in my book.

Oh - I think we stayed in that room too! (Or the one next door). It was TERRIBLE! We couldn’t even use the stairwell when we were there, since it was under construction.

There was no way to walk to it outdoors. It was SO so far away from anything. It was dirty. There were stains on the carpet and the bath tub leaked.

I don’t think we’ll go back to BCV because of that room.

Ok - I went back to my trip report to see if I’d written it down. Room 375. Same “purple arrow” location, one room up. Also, I’d forgotten this, but the closet door was broken, too. Yikes.

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fun! thanks!

The only time I stayed at CBR I had a room in the furthest building from the lobby area and no car. It was a 10 minute walk if I wanted to get a soda or a snack, and the internal busses were terrible. It’s a pretty resort, but I doubt I’ll ever stay there again. This was in the late 80s, shortly after it opened, so things may be better there now.


Sort of yes:

We wanted to stay at CR but there were very few room options. We ended up in the very last corner of the garden wing. First of all, the long walk annoyed me a lot. It’s not that long, but after a long day, popping into the main building was annoying. Secondly, while the waterfront location without any buildings in sight felt nice, the damn water parade was right in front of us and it was LOUD. I guess someone would enjoy seeing it up close, but I was never a fan and it couldn’t have been more in your face. Our kids would be going to sleep at the exact same time too so it kept them up :man_facepalming: