Do you get vacation insurance?

I would love to get some, just not sure with who or what it covers? I researched it a teeny bit and immediately felt overwhelmed, :flushed: so I thought I’d ask for personal experiences/recommendations to make it a bit easier!

Many thanks!

I rented points for our trip in Jan 2017 and have rented points for our trip in Jan 2019. I have gotten insurance both times. The cancellation policies are no good from the rental companies and with kids, you never know if you’re going to have to cancel for whatever reason. You can go to and compare companies and policies. It’s super straight forward. I think it’s worth the $200. I just fold it into the trip cost.

I have heard that Disney offers reasonable trip insurance, but because we don’t buy through Disney, I’ve not done it.

agree with above. We have and have not and once when we needed bought for cruise only and couldn’t get our $500 back from my kids urgent care visit in Orlando once we got off the boat.

When my kids were younger and we bought our trip as a package, we always got insurance. I guess I figured someone could easily get sick and throw off the whole vacation. The insurance paid off big time when Hurricane Charley hit the day before we were supposed to fly home. We were “stuck” at POFQ for 3 extra nights before there was a flight out, and we had to pay rack rate to stay in our same room. The insurance covered the room and all our meals, totaling close to $1600. The only thing it didn’t cover was park tickets, but we bought those anyhow since we didn’t have a car and, well, who’s going to stay at WDW for 3 extra days and not go to the parks?! (Side note: when we got home I wrote Disney a letter and explained what happened and they sent us free 3-day parkhoppers to use at a later date. Yay customer service!)

That said, you should also check with your credit card company – often times they come with insurance when you use them for travel. We had a rental car broken into and our visa paid for the deductible and a few items that were taken. They often cover lost luggage and other expenses. Worth a look.


I didn’t buy insurance on our first trip to Disney and my pre trip anxiety was THRU THE ROOF. I have purchased it on every trip costing more than $5k since and do not regret it!
It’s worth every penny to me. has some useful, pretty straightforward information on trip insurance along with carrier recommendations.

I just bought it for my June trip. I use It allows you to compare policy features.

Thank you everyone! Now, I have lots of great ways to compare plans this weekend!! :blush:

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