Do you ever eat lunch in line to save time?

Does anyone and their families each lunch in line to save time? We are considering this based on a friend who swears by it as it keeps their kids busy and also saves a little money. Our kids would likely be eating a sandwich, food pouches, apple/banana, beef jerky, crackers, chips, etc.

If not, are there good places to eat within each of the park you’d recommend?

Much thanks!

With a good TP, you shouldn’t really need to. Plus I think it’s nice to sit and enjoy a break.
Also, if someone ate food next to me, the sound would drive me crazy. Hate listening to people eating if I’m not eating.


No. I’ve never heard of this. Sorry, but this would really bother me if I was behind you. The queues do move at a steady, if slow, pace. Now, I’ve got to you trying to unpack a picnic and feed your kids while keeping the line moving. Just find a place to sit and take 15 minutes to eat. (Nothing personal)

Plus, there’s no way you aren’t littering even a little while trying to do this.


I haven’t done this–I like taking a break and sitting, eating and enjoying the meal.

Yeah, gotta agree with the others: I wouldn’t consider this as a viable option. I’ve walked around with food, but never in line. And that food was always small stuff (like a cookie or the ronto wrap :drooling_face:)


Snacks are one thing, but pulling out a sandwich and a drink? Probably not. But a granola bar or a bag with cut up apples in it? Maybe.


I’ve certainly eaten a snack in line, but not a “meal”. Saving that little bit of time is not that important to me; most of my meals are TS.


We snack while in line, but not a meal. A break where you actually sit down and eat(usually somewhere with ac) is pretty essential. We do try to hit our lunch at an “off” time, like between 2 and 3, and that seems to help lessen waiting for food and make it easier to find a table more quickly.

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We are Liners. We aren’t in line long enough for lunch. :wink:


Ice cream. We know you.


That… that’s not…

Yeah. :crazy_face:


A snack yes. A meal no. You need to sit down and take a break in a/c.


I was considering this too, particularly for our first day: we land at 8:30a and will hopefully make it to HS by 11:30a - our usual eating time. Don’t really want to start the day in the park sitting down to eat, but it’d be great to have a bite while waiting in line for MFSR.

That said - I was thinking more “heavy snack” and less “full meal” - we have a 4:00 F! dinner package.

Was mostly curious whether there are trash cans in line, and whether entering line with “open” food/drink would even be allowed (both general questions).

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Yes to the first part, depends on the ride to the second part.

For MF, there’s definitely trash cans in the line, and i saw more than a few people walk in an open drink (specifically a beer).

For People Mover: nuh-uh. They’ll tell ya nothing is allowed.

Concerns about food allergies would keep me from doing too much in the way of a meal. Allergic people know to be on guard in restaurant spaces. Lines maybe not so much.


Yes. This.

I would expect a queue to be a “safe space”. I’d be very upset if I saw someone giving their child a PB&J sandwich in line. It could potentially KILL my child!

I think safe snacks would be perfectly acceptable. But anything with peanut butter or peanuts in general should be off limits. This is because of all allergens out there, it is generally the most dangerous from just a casual contact basis. SOME peanut-allergic kids are so sensitive that just the SMELL of it can trigger an anaphylactic reaction.


In that particular situation I would grab a quick brunch at your resort before heading out.


Yikes. I’ve given my DS4 (he was 2 at the time) PB crackers in line…
Going to re-think my snack selection in my Amazon prime pantry order now.


I also feel like those tube yogurts could be problematic for milk allergic people. Kids don’t always eat neatly at a table, much less while ambulatory.

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Same. Peanut butter crackers are one of our go-to snack items for DS2 while out and about. I know that people have pb allergies, it just really never occurred to me that his eating them could pose a risk to others.