Do you actually need ID?

Fair enough.

I was more responding to your comment that a U.K. driving licence isn’t accepted. I thought you’d had it declined as proof.

I haven’t but I have seen reports of it on chat and I think it says it on the WDW website as people have referred to it.

Yes it does. And it also says passport, not a photo or paper copy. Of course, what’s on the website and what happens in reality aren’t always the same thing.

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Pretty sure that’s what I said? I pointed out I cannot fulfil those requirements of a passport plus government-issued ID.

But I was also saying that a driving licence appears to work fine, at least in most cases. DS used his in Epcot at a beer stall, at MK at a restaurant and at lounges and restaurants outside of the parks. And having a copy of your passport as well is extra back-up.

I’m not disagreeing that it may work in practice, I’m saying that the website says you can’t do it. So if you’re refused you don’t have a leg to stand on.

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Yeah, sorry. I’m in a bit of a grump today and my replies were snippy.

My apologies.


No apology necessary, I am a bit moody today myself so I’m sorry too for being a bit pedantic.

As a side note, how British is this exchange :joy:



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No, no, it’s really my fault, even though I had nothing to do with it at all.


OK, you wins!

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I’ve been carded plenty of times (let’s just say I’m the wrong side of 40) and my UK driving license has always been accepted. I do have a picture of my passport on my phone, but I’ve never been asked for anything other than the driving license.

They stopped carding DH not long after he turned 40. He was furious! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


To add to my comment, we saw some people be ID’ed at F&W and denied because they just had a Canadian DL. I rarely drink, and I’m sure if I just said my age, it would not be an issue :joy: I think the last time I was ID’ed, I was with a cousin who is 16 years younger.

I carry a phone case with a wallet (either Speck Wallet Case or stick on PopWallet) It perfectly fits DL, AP, CC & Disney GC. (…and I may still be carrying my AP around :smile:)

That’s very un-American. When in Rome, and all. You need to demand to speak to the manager and get a free drink. It’s part of the experience!

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When I am in another country, my passport generally doesn’t leave my body. I had a friend have her purse stolen at the Royal Horseguards right next to Whitehall, and be left with zero ID or money, and I had already left on a different flight for the States.

The hotel, of course, was appalled and got her over to the US Embassy without delay- but that was a learning experience for me. My daughter also got her passport stolen out of a hostel in Vienna.

I wear a tiny little crossbody purse and that’s where the passport and one credit card stays when I’m out of the country.


When I travel internationally I have one of those little belts that slips under your clothes for important papers.|404_55310|8565300001|none|89e15470-77ff-4bd8-bee6-18013498c20b|pla-293913598441&lsft=cm_mmc:PLA_Google_LIA|404_55310|8565300001|none|89e15470-77ff-4bd8-bee6-18013498c20b&kclid=89e15470-77ff-4bd8-bee6-18013498c20b&gclid=CjwKCAjwxOvsBRAjEiwAuY7L8mOXoJ4x32sIsOmaVfIt1bvVAljrd5mOYw8b1za_hZb7uxeP2iIgNxoCR9EQAvD_BwE

After doing mission work in the middle of the Amazon where safes are not available (somehow my hammock didn’t come complete with one?!), this became my go-to option.


Eagle Creek is great! I don’t have that exact model, but I’ve got other ones by them. They have a pouch for everyone! DD 27 used one that attaches to a belt, then flips inside the top of the pants. But he had no belt on his casual clothes, so he used a giant safety pin :open_mouth: I was sure he’d poke himself but he never did.

Although I will never be venturing into the Amazon, my tiny purse comes in handy for more civilized pursuits like going out to dinner, etc.:wink: I got it at Target years ago, wow have I gotten a lot of use out of that thing. I even barfed in it once, back in the days before I started using WetOnes on the airplane :rofl:

And you’re still using it?!


Heck yeah. I rinsed it out, then threw it in the wash. No mere barf is going to separate me from my tiny crocheted purse.


I was picturing something leather…this makes more sense now!