Do we really even need a magic band anymore?

I was thinking about setting up my old magic bands for my parents. We will switch to offsite once they join us. With no fast passes, how much would they really even use them? We can mobile order with credit card. We will get photopass but I highly doubt they ride an attraction without someone who does have a magic band. They would be willing to wear one if needed, but they wouldn’t think it’s cool or adds to the magic like we do.

Is it even worth it for them?

You can’t transfer a magic band to someone else, so there really wouldn’t be a point in doing that…they wouldn’t even be allowed to use them for tapping into the parks.


Well that makes it easy, Thanks.

Nope. Not needed or necessary.


They’d still work for getting ride pictures if needed though? There’s no need to have it in their actual names as long as whoever it’s attached to is a linked friend/family? :thinking:

We’ve occasionally had a ride picture on the wrong row, so were glad we had multiple party members in the row all wearing them so we didn’t have to go through a retrieval process.

Hmmm…now I’m curious…can you register ride photos on a magic band for an individual that’s not tapped into that park???