Do we all need PH's or can we do some tix without?

We are trying to pack a lot into 3 days at the parks… …Thinking we can use time wisely if my DS14 and I park hop early or late to go ride some of the thrill rides that the rest of my family does not… Can he and I just add PH’s to our tix?Typically, we all get PH’s because it has saved us many times when a child got sick, rained out parades, M&G, etc… caused us to rearrange our plans/or backtrack to parks… (it really is my security blanket when traveling with kids who have certain must-do’s! :smile: But I’m Really trying to keep budget down this trip because DH was reluctant to go in the first place!!! FYI, we are staying offsite, so doing tickets only – no package.

If not doing a package, then yes absolutely you can add PH to just two of your tickets. After you enter the park the first day, you can go to Guest Services and they will add on the PH option for you.

You can add the PH to the ticket ( even if your reservation is a package) if you wait until you check in and go to GS, right?

Buy the least common ticket with your package and upgrade only those that want it at GS. Even can a day to someone if need be.

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