Do wands from Universal Hollywood work in UOR?

My son (now 8) got his wand from Ollivanders in Universal Hollywood in Jan, '22. Will it work in UOR or can it be exchanged for one that works?

My oldest son (now 14) got his wand from Ollivanders in UOR way back in Nov, '15. Will it still work? Can it be exchanged for one that works?

I’d very much like not to have to buy new ones just so they can cast a few spells for 2.5 days. And, they actually like the wands they have.

Also, does it matter if we do Ollivanders in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade? I know it’s supposed to be in DA, but we will be in IOA our first night, and seems like a good recommendation to get the kids wands in order the first night, and to see the show one more time, when we get there. I think I heard that lines are shorter at night (unless you go at EA).

There is nothing special about any of the wands that is unique to the parks. They work due to their reflective tip. So wands from either coast should work.

The main difference between doing Ollivanders at Diagon Alley versus Hogsmeade is just size. The one at Diagon Alley is larger, and can accommodate more people…so wait times might be lower.

I don’t know the answer about Hollywood Vs Orlando, but for certain the one bought in UOR is guaranteed for life, so if it doesn’t work you can take it back to Ollivanders for wand repair :+1:t2:

I like that guarantee. Thanks so much.


I can verify that the wands work in any WWOHP around the globe! You can buy one in Japan and it will work in Orlando. They all use the same “magic”.

I can also testify that wands have a lifetime guarantee. We replaced one from 2018 last year when it needed repair. (Be warned, sometimes they “fix” the wand and other times they grab another of the same model if they are super busy. I love my wand and would insist that I get the same one back. They can even engrave your name on them now!)


I would like to state that the interactive wands are $60. Now it is true they do interact with some things but they can be difficult. Now if interaction is not a big thing for you and yours I would suggest going out to Ebay where they have beautiful wands of every type. The nice thing about these wands is that you can get them with the tip that lights up for about $26. No they DO NOT interact with things in Diagone Ally but then again those don’t light up. Just got done watching the HP movies and you will notice their wand tips light up. Your choice. Also robes online are about $50 versus $160. Something to think about on a budget.


That’s what a Muggle would say!! You need to practice more if you’re ever gonna pass your OWLs!!

Once you get a couple to work you know how little you need to move your arms and just use your wrists. Remember, “It’s leviOsa , not levioSA !” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wink:

I admit the light up wands do look really fun! I’ve seen them in the parks. If they had one that lights up & was interactive I’d get it!!

Have you seen the wands that actually spit out fireballs??? (Not at Universal, but you can find them online! I’ve been tempted to see if I could sneak one inside the parks!!)


Thx. The ones they have are the interactive ones.

The HP robe I bought my oldest online back in ‘15 for a thanksgiving UOR visit has been my BEST investment. First, as my then 6 year old was running around in his robe at USF, a Mom came up to me to ask where I’d gotten it, and was so bummed that she didn’t order online in advance.

Then my son used the robes to be HP for Halloween.

Then his younger brother used that same robe to be HP for Halloween some five or six years later. I think we had to buy the glasses/tie combo b/c by then they had gone missing.

Then we actually remembered to pack the robe for our Jan, ‘22 visit to Universal Hollywood - and wearing that helped get him picked at Ollivanders.

One then $35 robe - used successfully across 8 years! Highly recommend.

Given the heat I think we’ll skip the robe this time, but I’ll pack just in case and let my youngest decide.


They work better at night…a cast member told me this and it’s true. The sun sometimes gets in the way and causes glare. So another option is to have someone cup their hand over the reading device and block the sun from hitting it. But a lot of 'em look better at night too so just do 'em in the evening and they all work pretty well.

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My youngest son bought one a couple years back…and it was a piece of junk. Broke shortly after we were home. Would not recommend.


I LOVE this forum!! My people. One of the most special memories I will hold from my now prior husband was the Harry Potter book release series. I picked up reading the HP books I believe somewhere in the range of book 2 or 3. I read the first two or three in short order, then had to wait like everybody else. When each book was published, the day after the book was released (usually midnight the day prior), I would come home from work with the newest book tied up in a bow for me to read. Such great memories!

With my oldest son, now 14, I read every page of every book to him before he was 9. Hundreds if not thousands of seriously precious day and night hours of time with him. He then proceeded to re read the series on his own, twice!

With my youngest (6 years younger), we are stuck for a year somewhere in the 3rd book. So many evening sports obligations (we sometimes don’t get home till 8.30pm) have gotten in the way.

For my oldest we had a rule that we couldn’t watch the movie till we finished the book.

We are somewhere in book 3 for my youngest, and yet he’s watched all but Part 2 of the 7th book. My oldest son is sooo very mad about this. LOL


I started reading them in college after seeing the first movie. So I think I got thru book four and then had to wait for the rest. When book 7 came out I remember reading the whole thing in one weekend. I don’t think I slept. Lol

I read them to my kids too, two or three times. That and LOTR and a lot of the books that led to Disney movies like Alice and Bambi and Jungle Book. Good memories. I really wish I could read to them still. Literally asked the 18 and 15 year old about a week ago if they were too old to read to. Sigh. I guess I have to wait for grandkids.

Oh I also made them literally watch all the Disney animated movies with me. I told my son I’m sorry I pushed my love on him but he said it was a good one so yay!

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I genuniely didn’t have a strong opinion on Harry Potter until I visited WWOHP. I had read them all and liked them, but that was it. I’d never gone back and read them again and I hadn’t watched all the movies.

We visited for the first time in 2018 and after seeing Diagon Alley I was blown away! Now, I wear a robe and have my own wand! (I even debated getting an actual Dark Mark Tattoo last year!)

After a couple “warm up” spells I can typically do them all with no issues, except Herbivicus in Hogsmeade. I swear it has to be broken!! :crazy_face: I’ve only ever gotten it to work once!




I’ve had this screen name since like 1989 at the start of AOL. I was, for all of my teens and early 20’s, a rabid Batman comic book collector. There’s a character from the 1960s - 1970s era Batman books that is an imp from another dimension called “DarkMite” who was obsessed with Batman and wanted to be his pal. (Those were the “weird” days of comics!)

I’m also a short guy who likes Batman, so I adopted the DarkMite screen name. I added the “2” not because the DarkMite moniker was taken, but because I have the number “2” in my actual name. My dad didn’t want to call me Junior, but still gave me the same name. So I’m a “second”…

So… That’s the origin of DarkMite2! I’ve claimed it across the internet for more than 30 years!!


That’s a much better origin story than mine. :grin:


I’m suprised by that. You definitely give the impression that you’re a well established potterhead.

Neither of you mentioned how you came about your super powers :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I have the ability to teleport infinitesimally small distances at a time. It is something I was just born with! :laughing:

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I was just born short and left in front of the TV for all my childhood… The radiation takes longer than a spider bite, but still got the job done!